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pti-elevator provide vertical transportation design, evaluation and consulting services for clients who own or manage buildings and facilities involving elevators/lifts, escalators, moving walkways, etc.

pti-elevator will evaluate your current system and provide solutions that are effective and capable optimizing value of present elevator system. In addition we will also provide the building owner with the latest and most-proven technologies and techniques.

Experienced pti-elevator staffs offer system design and evaluation producing solutions for high rise and complex systems including modernization and redesign. We can provide the owner with the following elevator system solutions:

  • Maximize existing system potential
  • Present plans and specifications
  • Optimize most effective system cost and space timetable
  • Assist owner with the latest and most proven technologies and techniques
  • Add expertise in power quality and energy management
  • Provide unique system designs when needed
  • Assist in insurance investigation and report for claim
  • Maintenance audit
  • Statutory audit
  • Spare parts and repairing suggestion
  • Identify workplace hazard

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